Proudly ATS is the MEP construction company founded in Lebanon in 1994 with a vision to establish itself among the top leading MEP contractors in the Gulf and Middle East.

ATS Construction

ATS is a proud MEP construction company that was founded in Lebanon in 1994. Our mission is to establish ourselves as one of the leading MEP contractors in the Gulf and Middle East region.

ATS Construction
ATS primarily focuses on electromechanical contracting for complex building projects. We cater to various sectors including commercial, institutional, residential, industrial, and infrastructure construction. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects such as hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, museums, airports, and office buildings. Additionally, we also undertake Operation & Maintenance contracts for these buildings.

Our vision is to become the industry benchmark for all electro-mechanical construction in the Middle East. We strive to be an example of organizational excellence and quality service in the field of electro-mechanical construction. This includes maximizing the development and potential of our human resources, as well as their contributions towards achieving our business objectives.
ATS offers a comprehensive range of construction services, including:
• Conceptual and preliminary engineering
• Evaluation of tender documents
• Design review and value engineering
• Project cost estimation
• Equipment and materials procurement
• Planning and scheduling
• Detailed design and shop drawings
• Execution of construction activities
• Inspection, quality assurance, and control
• Testing and commissioning
• Training
• Post-delivery support

By following these well-defined processes, we ensure that our projects are executed efficiently and to the highest standards of quality.

ATS Facility Management

Since our establishment in 1994 in Lebanon, we have taken great pride in developing a highly organized and efficient team to handle the post-delivery phase of projects executed by ATS. This team has become a valuable asset within the ATS organization, leading to the creation of ATS Facility Management in Cairo in 2018. Our vision is to become a regional leader in providing integrated, high-quality facilities management solutions.

Our team’s dedication to quality is reflected in our impressive client retention rate and our diverse portfolio of complex projects. ATS Facility Management has earned an excellent reputation in the construction industry over the years. We recognize the significance of having a clear vision and executing it flawlessly. Above all, we understand the importance of honoring every commitment we make as a company.

Our primary focus lies in preventive maintenance for both public and private establishments. We firmly believe that maintenance should be centered around identifying and resolving issues before they escalate.

Routine Maintenance: We are equipped to handle all types of daily maintenance operations in the most cost-effective, competitive, and innovative manner, delivering exceptional performance and results.

Corrective Maintenance: Our expertise in maintenance allows us to undertake projects aimed at rectifying costly and unsafe conditions, ensuring a safer and more efficient environment.

By offering a comprehensive range of maintenance services, ATS Facility Management aims to provide our clients with peace of mind, knowing that their facilities are in capable hands.

ATS Academy Egypt

As ATS continues to navigate through growth, change, and technological advancements, we are faced with new opportunities and increased demands for our graduates.

In line with our commitment to social community services, ATS has established an academy that offers specialized training courses for electrical and mechanical engineers, focusing on enhancing their expertise in the MEP field engineering.

ATS Academy provides highly effective and targeted training solutions, with a strong emphasis on practical learning experiences. Our goal is to equip participants with new skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied to overcome challenges and excel in their professional roles. We prioritize delivering the highest level of training, excellent customer care, and exceptional value for money.

Our curriculum is designed to be rigorous, ensuring that graduates gain valuable experience and expertise that meet the requirements of the construction market. This prepares them for successful careers in professional and multinational entities.

With a network of experienced instructors and well-equipped training centers, ATS has established itself as a trusted partner for numerous corporations, including the Egyptian Engineers Syndicate, BUE, ASHRAE, and others. We take pride in our collaborations and the recognition we receive from these esteemed organizations.

At ATS Academy Egypt, we are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of engineers, empowering them with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their careers and contribute to the advancement of the industry.