Cite Ministerielle Project Cotonou – Benin

Cotonou - Benin

The project is located in Cotonou, economic capital of Benin. It is located between two major circulation arteries namely: the Boulevard de la Marina and Avenue Jean Paul II.
It is designed by “Koffi et Diabate Architectes”, major design office in Cote d’Ivoire.
Construction is supervised by same office, with technical supervsion by Socotec Africa and executed by M/S Arabian Construction Co. ACC Benin.
Project is financed by UKEF (United Kingdom Export Fund).

The aim of the design is to construct a ministerial compound housing several ministries in 10 buildings, GF + 5 each, with a parking structure, GF + 3, and a restaurant on the top level covered by a steel structure.
The project is in line with stringent environemental and HSE rules and regulations as set in the specifications.
Characteristics and advantages of the project:
• Location: Cite Ministerielle is located on the best Avenues/Streets in Cotonou.
• Design: The multiple buildings design provides housing for several ministries thus creating a ministerial compound of 64,800 m2 of built-up area.
• A parking structure of 14,350 m2 built up area will ensure parking for staff cars on 3 levels.
• A top floor in the parking will house a restaurant catering for the Cite staff in an open environment shaded by a steel structure.
• 2 mirror pools of around 1,000 m2 each with plant species living in water.
• Outside pedestrian circulation paths.
• Outside green areas.

Ministère du Cadre de Vie et de Développement Durable
Main Contractor:
Koffi et Diabate Architectes
Lead Consultant:
Socotec Africa

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